Welcome to Project Rex Howard

Major site changes have taken place!

Audio playback is now available with every devotional and bible study

I have added audio playback to all of the devotionals and bible studies so now you can listen to them if you would rather not read. The voices are very real sounding and you may in fact think some of them are actual people reading the documents. But they are not. It is all the newest in text to speech vocalizations.

New bible search added to the footer

I have added the search tool from biblestudytools.com to the footer of every page. This is a fantastic bible study resource with tons of reference.

Music playlists updated

The music section is now called Heart Healers Ministry and has been completely updated and rearranged. There is much more to come in this area of website development.

Share to Facebook, Pinterest and email added

You can now share every page to Facebook, Pinterest or email a link to friends or family.

I will be adding a much more active and robust sharing feature next week but for now you have a limited ability to share to social networks.

Other features in development

  • The legal resources pages are being built but this will be the last area of the site to become active because I still have to put together my volunteer team.
  • You will have the ability to submit your music to Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify
  • A mapping service will be implemented.
  • A prayer request portal will go live this weekend.
  • And many many other features are coming.

Check back often!

Also if you want to contact me, a form is provided below that will allow you to do that. I respond to every email generally within 24 hours.

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