Welcome to Project Rex Howard

In January of 2003 I formed an organization called Project GRASP.
GRASP was an acronym for Government Reformed in Attitude, Service and Policy.
At the time of the creation of Project GRASP my main concern was the problem of rampid police corruption, judicial misconduct and general government ineptitude.
Those problems still exist today.
But, the biggest problem we have now is citizen complacency, self-centeredness, apathy and all the horrible characteristics that come with the “me too” movemment.
We’re not a country falling apart because of the leaders we have elected.
We are where we are today because of the leaders we did not elect.
We, as a nation’ haven’t done anything collectively for the good of our communities in so long we don’t even know how to do good anymore.
When we do see good being done’ we misinterpret it for something else.
We are a woefully ignorant people by large because of laziness, because
of self-centeredness. And I fear it will only get worse.
However’ I still believe that a determined few can still do a lot of good for the people who ask for help.
Some of you struggle with family issues.
Some of you struggle with legal issues.
Some with faith.
Some struggle with only having faith in yourselves.
Some of you are victims of the worst you can do to yourselves.
And … sadly … some of you just don’t care.
it is my sincerest wish and mission in life to help all but those in the last category.
So I created Project Rex Howard which incorporates all aspects of education, training, advocacy, bible study, research, kindness, love, compassion and a genuine desire to make this world a better place.
How can you help?
You can help in several ways.
At the very least your prayers are much needed and appreciated.
Want to do more?
Contact me and let’s figure out a way to involve you in a Project Rex Howard agenda.
You can reach me through the contact form found in the footer of every page.
Let’s build something great together!

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