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I’m tagging some people in this post that I wouldn’t normally tag.
That’s because they played an intrical part in the story I’m about to tell.
This is a story about the old Rex Leslie Howard, Jr. and how it came to be that I made some serious changes in my life.
I often times encourage people to tell these kinds of stories because it helps with pride and it helps us to stay completely real.
As long as you’re not exposing someone else in a way that would reflect unfavorably on them, tell! your! stories!
Here’s mine:

Though I was born blind I was also born blessed with some amazing gifts and talents.
At one time I took credit for these gifts and talents. I was smart because I studied hard. While that’s true to a very small degree, the fact is, I’m intelligent because God blessed me with intelligence.
I had a natural ability to play drums. While some of that skill was developed from hard practice, the truth is I’m blessed by God beyond measure.
I have a never surrender philosophy. I know just how dumb I can be sometimes. I know that when I am in myself I’m not really thinking about others. I know that left to my own devices I can be extremely difficult to deal with, extremely self-centered, extremely egotistical and extremely irritating to myself and everyone around me.
Luckily for all of us, I’m very rarely in those states of mind today.
But that wasn’t always the case.

When I think about the point at which all of this began to change, I am drawn back to the early years of Gypsy Haven.
You see, back then I had an excuse for every failure in my life. I had an excuse for everytime I failed to do what I said I would which … was … quite a bit of that time.
I had justifications for everything.
Until somebody started calling me RexCuse.
I’m not sure which one of you jokers came up with that, I believe it was either Gabe or Les but … I sure am grateful to you for it.
At first this made me furious. Almost as furious as it would make me when Trevor would call me Rex Senior.
I’m still not sure I would respond well to that name. LOL. Nah, seriously, I know now it wouldn’t bother me but … man … there was a time when it made me fighting mad.
Back to the story.
One day I finally realized that there was a whole lot of truth to that name RexCuse. I could continue to hate being called that name or I could remedy the problem by changing me!
So that began a process of self-growth and self-development that continues to this day.
I strive to do better every day.
I strive to show the people who matter to me that they do matter to me and I try to do that every day in some way, large or small.
People are what make us better. People and our relationships with them is the most important thing in our lives. Material things will grow old and break down. We will too. But when we grow old and break down, will we have good or bad memories to reflect back on?
That’s the question we all have to answer for ourselves.
But can I tell you this?
If the answer is no, would you please consider changing your direction and attitude?
You see at the end of life, these things come back to haunt us.
We begin to reflect back on our past and if we’ve mistreated people, if we’ve avoided responsibilities, if we’ve abused people, if we’ve not taken every opportunity to show love to those we value, we die miserably.
I know this because I’ve seen a lot of people die with unresolved consciences and it’s no way to go.
So let’s start loving one another more. Forgiving one another more. Blessing one another more. Taking time for one another more.
Let’s ask God to give us a greater heart for people?
That will change us from being self-centered into giving people. That will change us from egotists into students willing and ready to learn.
Let’s share our gifts with a hurting world. It’ll give us more appreciation for the talents we do have.
Let’s love in action and not just word. If we say “I love you a bushel, a peck and a hug around the neck,” then let’s show! that measure of love. If we say “I love you to the moon and back,” then let’s go the distance to show it. If we say “I love you bigger,” then let’s expand our hearts and show that love by making a greater effort.
Let’s give more so we can receive more?
Sound like a plan?
Thank you for your time.

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