The Lord’s Prayer???

Text that quotes the instructions from Jesus on how to pray. This is many times wrongly called The Lord's Prayer.
Text that says 'the devil saw me with my head down and thought he had won until I said amen.'


I am writing in response to a couple of text images that have been circulating on Facebook.
I include those images in this post along with a video which I will now explain.

There are two major misunderstandings here which absolutely show just how really uninformed the majority of christian people are when it comes to knowing
The Word of God.
First, the picture with the words we call The Lord’s Prayer is not! the most powerful prayer in the world. In fact if these words are just repeated by
wrote they are useless and we’re just going through the motions.

The disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. So He gave instructions.
He was not praying.
He was instructing.

The second image says something to the effect that the devil thought he hat won when he saw the bowed head until the person said amen.
With that understanding satan did indeed win.
Because as you are about to see, whenever Jesus prayed he lifted His eyes to heaven.
When you are asking something from someone you love and someone who loves you, do you look down at the floor or do you look them in the eye?
This bowing of the head practice came about because people in the church wanted to pray anonymously and if everyone had their heads down and eyes closed,
then nobody could see who was praying.
This is a direct contradiction to God’s instructions to us regarding prayer. We are to find people who will agree with us in prayer. The prayer of a righteous
person has a great effect. The more that agree, the stronger the cord.
So you see, this is so fundamental and so foundational.
It’s christianity at its most basic form and … saddly … I know that this is the first time some of you have ever heard anything like this.
Well? Play the video now and when it’s done ask yourself these questions.

  1. Which is the real Lord’s Prayer? The scripture in Matthew 6 or the entire 17th chapter of John? 2. Which is the most powerful of the two prayers?

Do you also see that Jesus was not miserly with His words?

Do you understand I’m not writing this to be contentious or argumentative or to legalistically point out flaws?

I am writing this because if we are so mistaken about something so basic, how truly uninformed are we in The Word?

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